I'm Kayode, a product designer. Currently building user-centric and delightful human experience at SureGifts and Toptal. I love clean UI, collaboration and making helpful products that connects businesses and its users.

One Gift Card, Endless Choices
I redesigned a gift card platform that allow people and businesses to give their loved ones and employees the options to choose their gift and eliminating giving unwanted gift in the process.
Sell on multiple
e-commerce websites from one platform.
I helped an established e-commerce company in brazil ship and scale a product from the early stage to thousands of users.
Open emails with a smile
Colgate wanted a new look and more engaging design for their transactional emails across their main products.
Improving the onboarding experience
There was big dropout during onboarding process and I helped refine and reduce the dropout rate.
Bringing People Together
Designed a responsive solution that solved a critical problem for an estate management company.
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Let's work Together
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