e-hub: building a big ecommerce integration web app
Oct '20 - Dec '20
Owned by Via Varejo in Brazil, e-hub is a e-commerce integration platform that allows brazilian product sellers to setup and sell their products on amazon, via varejo, magalu, mercado livre and more all from a single place.
The Challenge
Via Varejo was looking to increase it customers base and add more sellers to its e-commerce platform. They thought of creating an e-commerce integration platform and asked their team at Airfox DBA, USA which is a subsidiary of Via Varejo to come up with a solution.
My Role
I was hired by Airfox to help solve the challenge and bring the idea to life. I joined the project at the very beginning and helped lauch the product to thousands of users. What I did includes, stakeholders and user interview, usability testing, wireframes, user flows, UI design, creation of style guide and branding.

We involved engineers at every turn — making sure everything we produced was technically viable.
Stakeholders interview to kickstart the research phase of the project
During the early stages, I used research result to design and ideate on different wireframes in Figma.
Getting Approval
Part of the reason for creating the wireframes was to get approval the CEO and other C-Suite executives at Via Varejo so that they can validate and give a go to develop an MVP.
We had a google meet meeting and the product owner presented an interactive wireframes and everyone was happy so we got approval. The language used in the meeting was Portuguese so I didn't understand a thing 😀 but, I had a supportive product owner who later told me how the meeting went and how the decision was made and.
Order Management Wireframe
The wireframes allowed for different iterations of the product which was immediately followed by the creation of style to ensure consistency and harmony in the user interface.
Style guide created to help developers achieve consistency
Creating a Product User Interface
Connecting with a e-commerce platform
Frustrations and Obstacle
We had agree we're not building everything from scratch so as to get the product in front on users as soon as possible but during the UI design phase, we ran into a obstacle that almost made us cancel the project. We were finding it hard to see platforms with which we can integrate with and consume their API to build the features we needed. This delayed the whole project as we weren't sure if we could find a solution. We eventually found a solutionand everything started rolling forward again.
Via Varejo saw 13% increase in the number of customers, 10% of which were sellers and 3% were buyers. This was the main goal of this product.
I realized I could've ran more than one user testing session to get a clearer idea of the expected user experience and also work more closely with developers to understand the constraints and how they were planning to make use of 3rd party solutions.
Mark Michelman, Juan Pablo, Victor Santos, Rodrigo P., Caio Spoladore, and Victor Barreto
Working remotely since 2018