Building a complex gift card solution for Suregifts
January '21 - Present
Suregifts is a web platform that allows users to send gift cards/vouchers to friends and family. Over the years the company has grown to become the best gift card company in africa with over a 200K users and they wanted a design refresh at scale. I was tasked to redesign and improve the human experience of the whole platform which has 4 core users.
The Challenge
What they had already works and it works very well but there has been an increase in the usage and adoption of suregifts and has come with popularity. With clients like MTN, Airtel, KPMG, Edenred, and many more, suregifts needed to scale it's business and needed a new look that speaks more to its new customers which included 60% young professionals. Integration with sister company SureRemit
My Role
I redesigned the suregifts web platform while also improving its human experience and I worked very closely with the founders and customer success team to make the new experience truly improved the human experience.

I also involved engineers at every turn — making sure everything we produced was technically viable but also represented the direction the company and market was headed. A big part of my role was to design the user interface and map out a new user flow to improve the overall experience
Wireframes allowed me to explore different concept during the early stages of the project
On this screen, users can easily customize and choose their design option. Users can also upload their own images.
Designing the details
The redesign is purely based on data that has been gathered over the years. One of the biggest challenge was that customers are usually stuck on how bank transfer works and are always calling the support team when they choose to make payment via bank transfer.

To tackle this, I redesigned the user flow for bank transfer as well as other payment methods on the platform. Merchants can now easily sign up on the platform if they're interested in joining suregifts.
Users now have the ability to buy gift cards internationally.
We added a new flow that now allows users to create and schedule events
Why Dark Mode
Based on the feedback we got back from a survey carried out by the marketing team which was sent out to 1000 users. 70% preferred to website to be dark mode. We decided to build both white and dark mode but we're starting with a dark mode to kick things off.
New user interface for the dashboard and sureremit integration
SureRemit Integration
SureRemit is a sister company to Suregifts and it allows user all over the world to buy giftcard, pay bills, buy airtime and more. This was a big part of the project as the integration will allow users withdraw and deposit the sureremit token (RMT) and have access to sureremit's wide variety of merchants all over the world.
SureRemit and Suregifts users can now deposit and withdraw RMT via Suregifts.
I designed 5+ landing pages to give users more context for features which they'll usually call the support team for.
Platform is currently being developed actively and will go live soon. The current website can be seen by clicking here

Azeez Lawal, Ruslan K., Olatunde Owokoniran, Derek Jin, The SureGifts Team
Working remotely since 2018