TheRoom: Improving the Onboarding Experience
Mar. '20
The Room is an platform that connects its members to pathfinders (mentors) who will help them navigate their professional career. I was tasked with improving the websites onboarding experience and improve how new members are invited to join.
The Challenge
There has been a big drop out rate on our Member application process to join The Room. We are therefore exploring moving to a nomination process where users can only access the portal if they are nominated by an existing member.
What I did
User Research, Building Persona, Creating Scenarios, Creating Wireframe/Sketches, UI Design, Interactive Prototyping , and Usability Testing.
Initial Sketches at the early statge.
Goal and Objective
The goal of this project is to improve the members application process and reduce the big number in ther dropout rate
The objective is to improve how data is collected, the onboarding process, and how new members will be nominated
User Reasearch
To start with the assignment, I tried to figure out the who, what and why question to better understand the problem. I carried out desktop research to better understand the users, their needs and how to solve their problem.
I researched people looking to build a professional career and I found out from the research that Millenials make up 58% of people looking to build a professional career. Research also shows that Millenials dominate the workforce by 72% and are the most open to building a professional career.


Invite Only Model Research

I like the way clubhouse onboard it’s new member and how existing members can nominate new members who is on their contact list. Send nomination via text message is a really good feature for me. This way more users will join knowing that their friends invited them. This will reduce the dropout rate. This has also helped clubhouse a lot in terms of marketing.

Dribbble is a nomination only design community where designers can join but will be unable to post to shots (designs) to the communities so that they’re able to get feedabck on their design.What I like is the way they nomination process works. Designers are able to join and wait for another designer who has already been drafted to nominate them. This strategy works because it then means that only qualified designers are able to post shots on the platform and it reduces the dropout rate as well.

Mymind is a platform that allows you to collect and save things you find useful online. It could be anything from docs, images, articles, private note, quotes, etc.What I like about mymind is that it allows new members to join if they’ve gotten an invitation code from a friend. Sign up is via social login only which makes it easy to collect their personal information and reduce the steps and user input during the onboarding process.
The Persona
The Scenario
I used scenarios to describe the stories and context behind how a nominated user will get onboard the platform successfully and nominate other users. They note the goals and questions to be answered and sometimes define the possibilities of how the user(s) can achieve those goals. This helped me in mapping out the interface.
I created 3 different scenarios to address the problom
Diving In
In order to be competitive, I needed to know what’s out there and what has worked and has not worked. To connect the dots, I first needed to collect the dots. Doing solid investigative market research is essential for building a succesful product.
I researched different onboarding process at BaseCamp, Evernote, Slack, Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora
Result from a brainstorming session on Invision Freehand
User Interface design exploration. This was the chosen option of 3 concepts
Introduction to pathfinders. They're very crucial for this product to succeed.
Usability Testing
Guerilla testing was used to capture user feedback during the whole design process, I used guerrilla usability testing method to enable me gather insights as activity are being carried out by the users who were friends and colleagues within the age of 20 - 35 years. I asked 3 participants to carry out the test and each participant had 5 minutes to carry out the test and tell me what they think.

Generally, users were able to complete the sign up and onboarding in less than 5 minutes and didn’t find the onboarding process difficult.All 3 participants said they would happily sign up to join the platform after someone they know has nominated them to join the platform.
Measring Success
Since we are solving a problem which is to reduce the big dropout rate on the platform, success was measured based on the following metrics.

- User Activation
- Rate of successful sign up
- User Retention Rate
- Time to Completion of Sign Up and Onboading
- Number of Members Onboarded
- Number of Members Nominated
- Net Promoter Score
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